Birthdays and Everyday

Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in Meadowbrook often celebrate their birthday with a nice and proper indoor concert. One year, stain glass work parties were organized to replace a big broken window. It was designed to be fun and a great creative group process, too.

In 2021 they celebrated their 75th birthday and ‘hello’ Covid. What to do? How to do? In the same breath, the George Floyd murder really rattled our nation and doing nothing was not a choice. Speaking out, in some way, helps process the challenges ahead.

Welcome Coyote North ( This local community arts nonprofit worked with church and community to engage local youth in a mural exercise that put outrage and hope into paint. What a wonderful exercise in exploration and a forum to express.

With the recent wave of local community murals happening, it felt good to think outside the box. Led by local artist Stephanie Morales (Axsm Art), she facilitated with local youth, brainstorming and imaging. The result is  a three panel ‘explosion’ of color and narrative that invites one to think and explore the real times we all are in.

Church members also painted a rainbow on the church steps. It recognizes the inclusive ‘Reconciling in Christ’ movement that moved through the larger Lutheran Church several years ago.  They also installed a new kiosk, which also offers statements of support for the Black Lives Matter Movement and a land acknowledgement to the local Duwamish Tribe.

‘Thank you’ Alex Peterson at Coyote North, Axsm Art’s Stephanie Morales and the many youth who put together a thought-provoking and engaging mural that challenges us all.
To Aiden W., Arden M., Christian B., Elle L., Jackson C., Lucia H., Meklit  B., Melia S. and Mika K.C. we thank you for your gift of time, talent and care for your neighbor. The community accepts the call to be and do more to elevate future conversations.