Eat a burrito for change

It’s a ‘how to’.

Meadowbrook Community CARE (MC2) has dealt with many changes, effectively, during these pandemic times. Now WE are seeking the community’s support.

Can you plan a TUESDAY, March 8 meal with us? Chipotle Restaurant in Lake City will donate 33% of your bill when you use this code, 3WTJBJ3, between 4-8pm. Just the break from the kitchen we all need.

We continue to operate four community projects that offer varied resources and this, in turn, supports the health and welfare of a wider Lake City District community. How?

MC2’s 4-part effort, for one, supports Meadowbrook’s only night sheltering of men and women. The shelter was established in 1996, and a weather of change has challenged operations over the years. The pandemic is the most recent.

The second is a food security and community engagement effort at the Seattle Parks 7 acre Meadowbrook site (MCGO-2010). This project facilitates hundreds of pounds of fruit and vegetables locally grown and donated every year to the local food bank. MC2 joins MCGO every year in the care and development of community driven fresh food campaigns.

Thirdly, the Lake City school, Olympic Hills Elementary has benefited from MC2’s continued After School Zoom English language tutoring program throughout the past years of the pandemic. Previous history had us in the school two days a week. We adapted and maintained our commitment.

And, lastly, family support during the holiday season provides many in-need families with the Lake City Holiday Project gift program. This effort involved online registration and a gift card format, different from the many years of actual gift support. 600 children were supported this past winter season.

Whether outside, in the classroom or in the community forum, we’ve maintained, without interruption, a dedicated CARE for the NE Seattle community.

Order up.

Now’s the time to CARE and have a burrito. Or a bowl, or how about a taco? Meat or meatless, the partnership at Lake City’s Chipotle Restaurant will help us keep up the community work called CARE.

We are a ‘Community and Resources Engaged’ nonprofit. Your support helps us maintain and keep Lake City strong.