The Bluest of blue is in Seattle’s Meadowbrook

The history and importance of the bluest of blue, camas plant thrives at MCGO. The expansion west in our nations early history revealed a beautiful and yet important ‘blue spot’ in scene going west.

An important part of the Native Americans diet, this wet feet plant thrives just east of MCGO’s dedicated Fig Orchard. Intentionally planted in the wettest spot in the orchard, the camas ‘field’ will, in the years to come, be a beautiful, big dot of color.

Below is a descriptive of John S., the head steward at MCGO.

‘Dried cured camas root was the 2nd most important traded food item after
dried salmon pre-contact.

The common camas flowers (Camassia quamash) started blooming several weeks ago and the great camas (Camassia leichtlinii) just started opening a couple of days ago.’

Within this little quadrant of blue, MCGO has also planted rows of willow. The watery conditions will produce branches that can then be harvested. Crafting is a great use of this tree. History and community have arrived to reveal and share the importance of the camas a native plant. Check it out.