Project ‘Z’ @ MCGO

What does a multi colored display of zinnias say to the community?  Have you ever grown this beautiful plant from seed? Amazing to see the flower head do its thing, once the color is spent from a dazzling display. Found at MCGO, you’ll see it frame, literally and figuratively, the community effort to successfully grow food.

As a pollinator this is a ‘twofer’ in that the pleasing visual is complimented by its function to serve the birds, bees, butterflies  and all that rely on their hard work. And, to state the obvious, you pick them and this act eliminates one more opportunity for nature to do its job and support our growing urban food system. So, enjoy with eyes.

MCGO has supported and planted pollinator plants throughout the years at the Seattle Parks site. Its part of the ongoing plan to use Seattle Parks space to support our local food bank, educate our youth and passersby, as they see our seasons come and go.

MCGO is at the top of community based production as a food bank donor. Hard work rewards an ongoing need. The number of pounds, in terms of donation, is highest in the city of Seattle. Fresh, local is a healthy need for all of us. Enjoy the color, ‘stay’ for delicious local rewards to our community.