Fall 2022 support OHE Lake City Kids-Help!

With the new school year roaring back from the Covid closure and zoom learning, MC2 hosts return of after school English language learning at Olympic Hills Elementary again, in person. This Fall, we are wanting to add to our adult tutor supply with 5 more tutors. Two days a week, Monday and Thursday, 230p-415p. Pick one or both.

The use of school laptops and online website curriculum combined with one on one engagement allows for a weekly after school support for identified 3-5 graders in need. Usual background and Covid response, required. Most families with resources, can access tutor support away from the school site. This program captures the care needed for those who do not have resources.

There are many success stories and a great working relationship with Olympic Hills Elementary teachers and staff over the last 12 years. The need to rebuild after a couple of years of ‘zoom’ tutoring is the immediate call to the community. Help us, help those in our community. Training sessions are planned for October 13, 3p, reach out to Kaela V at kaelav@gmail.com for more info or updates. Thank you for spreading the word.