Connecting dots, BIG and small

Acknowledging the partners who stand with our holiday programming of CARE, we recently announced the neighborhood players who help keep the support going. Restaurants, coffee shops, houses of faith, breweries, banks and even auto repair shops (we thank you, Lake City Autoworks) see the need for CARE.

With the worldwide challenges of Covid, we also found a BIG partner in CARE. During this holiday season and last, we garnered the support of Amazon. With their $20,000 matching funds this season, we were able to keep the families in need first. In this big time need, the ‘knight in shining armor’ did arrive in time. Thanks ! We needed it.

With all the challenges of the future, we recognize the many pieces of CARE, both BIG and small. A BIG corporation can be in the small details of life, along with the business of making dollar bills. Thanks Amazon!

BIG thanks!

Saying ‘yes’ every season of CARE