Partner in CARE change in Greenlake

With an urban vista of the well-known Greenlake in North Seattle out their storefront window, the recently closed Shelter Lounge Restaurant will reopen in the Spring 2023. The business recently became a part of Tacoma’s Wooden City Restaurant. With a northwest flavor, the organization has recently planted their ‘flag’ in Tennessee (Chattanooga and Memphis).

As change goes, the Shelter Lounge flip shouldn’t surprise anyone. The care for their community they exhibit will benefit their new communities, coming soon. With their holiday support for the SHARE shelter here in Meadowbrook, along with their family support engagement during the holidays, they also want to support the great food security work at MCGO in Meadowbrook.

Look for our other business partners during the holidays sharing our message of support soon. They will highlight and promote care for their neighbor. Sharing the holiday support for those in need gives us the opportunity to be there, year in, year out. Advocating for the continuing need. Seasons of CARE works!