Apex Systems at MCGO

Apex Systems, from Bellevue visited the Meadowbrook’s Orchard this past sunny March day. The party of ‘labor’ really brought numbers to help make a big impact. The harvest of blackberry was clear, as a staging in the East Orchard of the good work kinda’ resembled Australia’s Uluru! (pictured)

With Apex Systems teams sited in East Orchard, North Orchard and Quince Grove, the impact was much needed. With a return to outdoor group visits, the success also highlighted a new and expensive tool experimented with this day. A broad fork! A very wide, multi-prong tool that tackles the ‘root’ of the ongoing blackberry challenge. (pictured)

The enjoyable time with these kind, hard workers highlight Apex’s ‘can-do’ attitude. This is also a team of ‘big picture’ workers in their community. MC2’s Lake City Holiday Project was ‘gifted’ by their kind and supportive giving this past season. Thank you for the community,