CARE Spring Update

Meadowbrook neighbor, Waldorf School, continues the commitment of building food security focused MCGO work parties here in our Meadowbrook neighborhood. Along with Liberty Mutual Insurance and Windermere/Northgate, they help MCGO play ’catch up’ with a healthy ‘Spring Clean’.

These three planned May/June event partners continue the commitment required to maintaining a resilient community.

Another ‘resilient community’ neighbor, the Tool Library at Meadowbrook’s LaVilla building, helped MC2 out with our recent volunteer event. Thanks! This nonprofit is a great church neighbor collaborating in good. Take a visit, their nearby site has settled into a nice and welcoming community space. (pictured)

And the beautiful Spring 2023 blesses us with this season of ‘welcome’ renewal and ‘growing’ awareness. How ‘bout a Spring Egg Hunt? (Flyer, here) The increasing reality of expanding community needs helps keep the pedal to the metal. MC2’s school outreach renews and supports the immigrant arrival, which also can be fun team building (football, futbol, soccer?). These kids can play.

And how does MC2 invite all to keep the ‘CARE’ train of shelter, education, food security and family support running on-time? May 2 and 3, is the community campaign, GiveBIG 2023. It promotes and tells the story of nonprofits ‘being there’. You know, ‘Community’.

Please support; small organizations rely on all donations, big and small.