GiveBIG 2023 is Here!

The 2023 GiveBIG fundraising campaign is May 2-3 and Meadowbrook Community Care could use your help!

Here are some of the ways our programs have impacted our community this year:

The Meadowbrook Community Gardens and Orchard produced around 2,000 lbs of organic food- 70% of which was donated to North Helpline!

Our after-school tutoring program in Lake City at Olympic Hills Elementary is helping 10 ESL students improve their English language reading and comprehension skills!

We are currently supporting between 12-16 residents at our  emergency shelter, providing a safe place to sleep at night and healthy meals!

Our Lake City Holiday Project provided gifts for 702 kids in need during this past holiday season!

We would love to expand each of these programs this year  in order to provide support to even more community members but we need your help to do it so GiveBIG May 2nd & 3rd!

Please help us reach our GiveBIG fundraising goal of $7,000 to take full advantage of  1:1 matching funds by our board members and turn it into $14,000! The early donation period is now OPEN! Donate through the link below or visit our fundraising page at