Blue Skies and Waldorf CARE

This past week, 6th graders at Waldorf ‘chipped’ in and mulched the cardboard ‘lasagne’ method of their adopted apple orchard. MCGO hosted the group and is committed to supporting their ongoing care.

A portion of the day was also spent tackling the ever-present blackberries both in the Quince ‘row’ and East Orchard. Mostly plums growing in the eastern boundary of the Orchards.

MCGO is also hosting a plant sale May 7, Sunday, 12-1p at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church, just up the hill from the 7 acre site. Rural flavor makes up the Meadowbrook neighborhood with the Nathan Hale Urban Farm just north of MCGO. Come and get your affordable veggie starts for the season. Sales keep volunteers planting, harvesting and supporting Lake City Food Bank.