Windermere-Northgate at MCGO

With the booming real estate market, and Northgate area in full bloom, market-wise, MCGO was giddy with excitement at the chance to welcome a Windermere/Northgate action team. They spent the day getting big time results. MCGO apple area receives a lot visitors, so the attention was timely.

With such a big turnout, the great results were achieved with a lot of teamwork. The Friday weather was cloudy, cool with little bursts of sunshine. Wheelbarrows full of mulch we’re zooming around, with folks enjoying the fresh air and  the opportunity to practice team building.

With the visit, MCGO has the ‘air’ of change, as past Covid restrictions put a real damper on upkeep and care. MCGO regularly donates 100’s of pounds of fresh produce to our local Lake City food bank each year. Would you like to schedule a work party with your family? Business? Sport team? A little goes a long way, thanks Jordan and Windermere/Northgate for the donation of time and interest.