Thanks Bill!

Bill Pierre Ford has an oversized look in the Lake City District. Auto row in Lake City owes its presence to ‘Bill’s’ many years of business history, dating back to the dawn of the motor vehicle in our motorized history. A future in Lake City relies on their big footprint.

For the last 14 years, Mr Bill has worked with MC2 to move cardboard sheets out of recycle machine and into the MCGO system of care for the 7 acre Orchard site. Always accommodating and welcoming, we appreciate Bill Pierre Fords support and partnership.

With a seven acre Orchard and a 14 year commitment, that’s a lot of cardboard. Since the cardboard breakdown is beneficial to soil, it also aids in tree and plant health and successful development. Thanks Bill Pierre Ford (, our Meadowbrook Orchard is a little healthier, thanks to you.