Backpacks for Lake City’s Olympic Hills Elementary

Costco reps gave MC2 a call a couple weeks ago inquiring about Lake City and the needs of our local school (Olympic Hills Elementary). Costco operates a charity project around getting school year backpacks to families in need. With demographics highlighting the challenges Lake City families are having, staff at the OHE are now planning for a family support donation that can help make a difference.

In years past, the Lake City School has been awarded the honor of ‘School of Distinction’ ; it’s also been recently remodeled and expanded to meet the growing Lake City community. The challenges Covid 19 brought on all of us, highlight the importance of schools in family life.

For Costco’s part, this school support program can be another piece of care for our community. Much like MC2’s Lake City Holiday Project, small gestures can be impactful. Thank you staff at OHE, always focused on students as young scholars. And thank you Costco, a great neighborhood partner.