MCGO, We Go!

MC2 and Waldorf School scheduled a outdoor event, at the Orchard in Meadowbrook this week. The 6th graders and Ms Charlotte committed to helping maintain the open space, mulching and taking care of the entry trails to NE 105th Street side of MCGO.

The sunny, dry day made for easy loading and spreading of wood chips. Highlights include the both the 32nd street entry and the edible hedge trail head. The good weather allowed for smooth wheel barrow movement and a nice view of how the orchard reveals itself.

Waldorf School is located on NE 100th; so, the commute is an easy stroll to MCGO. The school has served this Seattle Parks site for many years. Fruit tree plantings have also been about the school’s stewardship of care for our collective community. Thank you Waldorf School!