Shelter towel drive success!

It wasn’t always that the coed shelter at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in Meadowbrook had laundry and showers. When King Co Executive Bob Ferguson was holding a community meeting at the church community hall many years ago, the event had an appointed end so the shelter could open up on time.

Unaware, the local ‘kid’ made good, was surprised to know of an active shelter in the sleepy neighborhood of Meadowbrook. Line item support from his office eventually helped the church build up an abandoned portion of the community hall site into a dedicated hygiene center for nightly residents of the church. Where there was none, now, a welcoming opportunity of renewal.

Having Blue Poppy Floral in Wedgwood anchor this towel drive initiative for a second campaign highlights a great community asset. Advocates are an integral part of change and progress. We appreciate the folks at Blue Poppy Floral in Wedgwood.