Seattle’s Give BIG 2024 /May 7 & 8

The upcoming May 7 and 8 Give BIG Season of CARE coincides with the blooming season of Spring. Coincidence? Maybe. If you are someone who actually gets the Sunday Seattle Times, last week’s Give BIG catalog insert it publishes, at a significant cost we couldn’t afford, names the many well-funded nonprofits putting their good work to print. Pick one, if you can. There are many.

How about MC2? As a rite of Spring, weeding, digging, planning and planting to reap a harvest takes hard work and many hands. MC2 is heavily into ‘hands-on’ volunteering; like meals for the shelter, planting at the local MCGO gardens, engaging an after school student in need or dropping off a gift for families struggling at holiday time. 

Like a hardy perennial plant that reliably blooms every year, MC2 has supported the local Meadowbrook coed shelter since 2007, engaged in after school tutoring /Olympic Hills Elementary (2013), engages community to support our neighbors during the holiday season and committed to food security. So, many hands, over many years.

The Give BIG 2024 campaign is an opportunity to keep the ‘harvest’ of CARE in Seattle healthy and engaged . The values and work history of MC2 make  a significant impact every year. Friends, family, neighbors all care about the goals of supporting the local shelter, early language after school support, family holiday support and food security. May 7 and 8 is the yearly opportunity to keep NE Seattle’s ‘garden’ of CARE healthy and engaged.

Your generous donation is matched by the MC2 Board of Directors. Go to to start your support at the Give BIG 2024 campaign.