Limu & Doug at MCGO?

It’s late April and the very popular Emu, Limu and his partner in ‘crime’, Doug, could not be found at MCGO. Liberty Mutual’s famous duo on TV highlights the many years Limu’s employees have come to Meadowbrook and served to keep the Orchard humming along.

On the last day of April in 2024, a big crew of 20 (!) volunteered and put a good dent into the yearly upkeep of this 7 acre site. Prior to Covid, several corporate events, including Liberty Mutual, were offered up to help MCGO, thus giving all fruit and nut trees a fresh jump on the season.

Are you and your employee friends, neighbors, faith community looking for a project to be outside, in a purposeful setting and want to expend some physical energy? Get those ‘steps’ in? Pruning, mulching and weeding really help yearly fruit production.
In the north end of Seattle, MCGO is highest producer of lbs donated to local food banks.

A difference is made. Thanks Liberty Mutual