Notes from Meadowbrook Council

At the most recent May 2024 Community Council meeting, there were several ongoing developments neighbors may find interesting. Along with the updates, the D-5 City Council staff person representing Rep. Cathy Moore, popped in to the meeting to let all know, she’s listening.  Here are the note-worthy developments:

-local historian and resident, Valerie Bunn, presented a petition, requesting endorsement of the Council, to a name-change of John Rogers Elementary to Meadowbrook Elementary School. It was a unanimous vote to endorse the proposal.

-a follow up report on Seattle Transportation remediation work of the Willow Creek tributary which is  part of Thornton Creek. Located in Meadowbrook, the effort is east of Lake City Way, at the end of NE 100th.  

-the continuing campaign of the Meadowbrook Community Council, spearheaded by council member Walt Bulbelis. The goal is to acknowledge, memorialize and install the Nishitani family name plaque on or near land of their(NE 98th + Lake City Way). The early contributions near their original Lake City site. Interned during WWII, the sacrifices and historical family commitments in Lake City’s early development would be acknowledged as part of the signage campaign. Recent update tracks the process, which is now in the upcoming phase on actual sign placement location; either private or public land.

And, lastly, MCC continues to plan and raise funds to reinstall the Meadowbrook Emergency Hub at Maple Leaf, the local church in Meadowbrook. The container onsite and its ‘tools’ stolen, leaving MCC to fundraise again.

MCC meets quarterly; updates and contact can be found at