MC2 and the Lake City After School Project 2024

After School language learners wrapped up another successful school year of one on one tutor engagement this week. The 3-5 grader program at Lake City’s Olympic Hills Elementary (OHE) kicks off its 15th year Fall 2024. Celebrating the 2 day a week campaign this past week; food, games and outdoor fun ruled the day.

Start up again begins in October 2024. Teachers and students go through assessment for placement. Returning and new students are assigned to MC2 ‘s program, with tutors clearing background checks. Summer stories and meeting new friends begin the year.

MC2 engages and supports OHE in other ways throughout the calendar year. Costco and MC2 connect on a free backpack program for school parents each Summer. MC2 also supports the school family holiday campaign with the Lake City Holiday Project.

As the years roll by, community keeps our local families supported and engaged.