Photo of Karen Artz
Karen Artz

A Founder and first President of MC2.

Photo of Chris Collison
Chris Collison

 Instrumental in legal formation of MC2.

Photo of Dody Foster
Dody Foster

A Founder and integral to financial organization of MC2.

Photo of Karl Fritschel
Karl Fritschel

Served as Treasurer.

Photo of Mark Mendez
Mark Mendez

Worked with underserved youth in the North Seattle area.

Photo of Bruce Ritzen
Bruce Ritzen

Helped put MC2 on sound legal footing and coordinate with the Seattle Emergency Hub in Meadowbrook.

Photo of Kate Sackett
Kate Sackett

Advocate for outside funding of MC2.

Photo of Ryan Sheridan
Ryan Sheridan

A local businessman, he has provided many meals for the MC2 SHARE shelter.

Photo of Amanda Squires
Amanda Squires

Greatly increased our number of Facebook followers.

Photo of Anne Trevett
Anne Trevett

 Advocate for successful increased community participation in Holiday Project.

Photo of Sue Wallace
Sue Wallace

Original Program Coordinator and developer of the ELL program for Lake City After School Project