SHARE Responds to Seattle Times Article

The Seattle Times ran a story about SHARE shelters (June 2nd, 2013) that operate in various churches in and around the Seattle area.  The resident-run shelters offered a response to the story and sent out to MC2 and the larger community the counter points to the basics of this story. We are providing highlights to their response below; Maple Leaf Lutheran Church has offered their facility to the program since 1996 and have had a rewarding and productive relationship in that time.

Excerpt from SHARE Public Statement



Dear Friends of SHARE(Seattle Housing And Resource Effort):

We’d like to thank you for this opportunity to respond to and correct the article about us published in the Seattle Times on Monday June 3rd 2013. [SHARE] wrote this response as a community, through a democratic process.



Misrepresentations in Seattle Times

“Forced Advocacy