Meadowbrook Annual Garden Stewards 2013

Meet Richard A and Sue M…

Whether its weather, whether its logistics, whether its resources, Meadowbrook Annual Garden Stewards have really been successful in managing
the first season at the Meadowbrook Annual Garden.  Many hands have made it happen but leadership is also an important piece of
puzzle.  With its watering schedules to plan, wheel barrels to bring or planning the harvests, Richard and Sue have been great at their tasks.

Meadowbrook resident, Richard A, who is a busy tax pro when not growing the greens is also the partner of Canine Annual Garden rep, Abby. What a team.
Sue M, also a resident of Meadowbrook, recently retired from Lettuce Link and spent a lifetime of great work at Marra Farm in Georgetown, now coordinates with Richard
the fun stuff in Meadowbrook. The more partners at the Meadowbrook Annual Garden, the better. Come meet them when you can; its impressive what the community
can do together.

We thank them both for their efforts to plan events with all the special features; hot drinks, cold drinks, bread or ‘fill in the blanks’, its been a great
season and the building of community has been realized.  Harvests from this special place have made a difference at the Community Kitchen Classes at the Meadowbrook
Community Center, the Community Shelter Meals at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church or donations to the local Food Bank. Stop by some Sunday and check it out.
Kudos to ALL….