Lake City Holiday Project Highlight 2013

Meet Stacy from Lake City Autoworks. 

The AAA-approved automotive repair and servicing business is located on NE 120th (2825), just off Lake City Way.  This customer service focused business has signed
up again this year to support the Lake City Holiday Project by being a gift drop off site.  Here are some points of interest to know about our friendly contact, Stacy. As part of
her own contribution to the Lake City Holiday Project, she also helped distribute gifts to clients in need last year at the Lake City Community Center.

A big draw for her is the opportunity to help children in need.  Stacy also shared with us the importance of setting examples for her children.  Knowing that her organization
can  be a part of supporting those with less is important way to give back and make the community stronger.  Coming from a large family (6 aunts, 3 uncles and 12 cousins!)
she understands and appreciates the way she and her employer can help make a difference.

With her own happy memories of holiday time, singing, sharing a meal with family, she also has been able to meet the donors who come in to Lake City Autoworks and drop off their gifts.
They give a big thanks to her and Lake City Autoworks.  So do we, thanks Stacy.

PS. Stacy confirms there are no reindeer sleighs or elves tools at Lake City Autoworks but she knows they are equally important in the story of helping children at holiday time.