LCHP Holiday Spotlight 2013

This is the second year for the Washington Federal Savings Bank in Wedgwood to participate in the Lake City Holiday Project. Not only do they have a giving tree but they also are a very important drop off site for our very generous donors.  This year they have experienced more ‘elf’ traffic and we appreciate it.

Our contact Valarie D is the first smiling face you see as you visit WFSB in Wedgwood.  Although she commutes to work, she has experienced first hand the kindness and willingness of the community to help with the Lake City Holiday Project.  A true blessing, she says.

A helpful thing for readers to know, she says, is the Project  is local;  thoughtful donors realize this, appreciate this effort that is making an impact in their community. Valarie is a big fan of Hermy the Elf and appreciates all their hard work in the holiday story.  Much like MC2, we appreciate all the efforts of the giving community and the many different Elves working together. Thank you Valarie and Washington Federal Savings Bank in Wedgwood.