Meet Annette at the Kaffeeklatsch Bakery in Lake City

This is the second year we’ve had the good fortune to work with the Kaffeeklatsch Bakery.  Located in the Bartells Drug Store complex at the corner of NE 125th and Lake City Way, this has been a very beneficial effort for the Lake City Holiday Project.  Annette has lived in Lake City for 4 years and sees her establishment as a community center, of sorts. Partnering with her clients who come in for good food and coffee, she sees real benefit to donating space, time and  effort to helping the children directly in the ‘Kaffeeklatsch’ community.

Having moved to the US from Germany, the holiday season is somewhat different but enjoyable and rewarding, none the less.  She and her partner, Brian, are happy to say that they display the biggest tree of the season in Lake City at this wonderful business.  Although her years have not had a lot exposure to the reindeer and elves part of the holiday season, she has had a chance to put real candles on her own tree at home.  With a bucket of water close by, too.

As the 2013 season comes to a close, we are so very thankful to all our drop off partners this year.  Reaching out to over 600 children this year, we echo Annette’s remark to us. Without both the many elves who help out each year and the resourceful reindeer to get the gifts to intended destination, Santa would be screwed.  Truer words have not been said.

Thank you Annette, Kaffeeklatsch Bakery and all the elves and reindeer who’ve helped make it all happen this season.