Willamette University ‘Take a Break’ program visits Meadowbrook

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Willamette University, a Salem, Oregon liberal arts university, offers a student-led alternative break program that places small groups of Willamette University students, staff, and faculty in communities across America to engage in community service and experiential learning. Established in 2001-2002, students from a myriad of backgrounds, majors and class years work in conjunction with Willamette staff and faculty advisors and volunteer and community agencies to focus on a wide variety of social issues such as literacy, poverty, racism, hunger, homelessness, HIV/AIDS and the environment (WU website).

On March 22nd we welcome Willamette University students and the ‘Take a Break’ program. With the focus on ‘Community, Justice, Service, Simplicity’ we look forward to hosting, meeting, greeting and partnering with the students/program, as they stay with us, serve in our community and create a mutual learning opportunity.