Delta Dental of Washington SUPPORTS

Kristi Ellefson and Rick Blonden

We all have heard the family shout out as we’d go out the door; did you brush your teeth?!  With the Maple Leaf Shelter operation, that can’t always happen.  The facility at the church site does support a hygiene center and a dedicated kitchen for the operations but a person in transition does not always have the opportunity with a compartmentalized life.  One place for shelter, one place for storage, another for computer access.  We are appreciative of MC2’s relationship with the good people at Delta Dental of Washington. Two  DDW representatives Kristi Ellefson and Rick Blonden, teamed up to put together a monthly dental hygiene support package that will serve the residents through the 2016. Thank you both for your care for those most in need.  Delta Dental of Washington main offices are located in the Northgate community.