Lake City’s School of Distinction

The Center for Educational Effectiveness, based in Redmond, WA, (, recognized Olympic Hills Elementary, along with eleven other Seattle Schools, as a School of Distinction in 2015. The recognition highlights schools who are in the top five percent and are credited with raising academic achievement over 5 years in reading and math (for elementary and middle schools).

Principal Joung spoke recently to the challenges at Olympic Hills and what she saw as positive developments for the future of the Lake City school. With a new school building still one more school year away, the reality is that students are ‘packed in’; two examples, the library is sited in a regular classroom and the after school program, Boys and Girls Club meets everyday on the school stage, next to the lunch room.

Flexibility is the word of the day, as everyone works together in a situation that is less than ideal. Being recognized for success begs the question, ‘with all the challenges, what is happening at Olympic Hills?’.

Principal Joung acknowledged the underlying concerns around the reality of race and poverty. Being proactive around student achievement involves one important dynamic she is proud of.

All teachers at Olympic Hills work collaboratively. Listening to each other, supporting students in every way possible and advocating for success at every juncture means teachers are all on the same page. Students experience a nurturing environment throughout their Olympic Hills Elementary experience.

Raised in Bellingham WA and a UW graduate gives Principal Joung a healthy regional perspective. Her post-grad work in New York gave her an even richer experience. MC2 is honored to work with her and all the staff at Olympic Hills, making such an impact in the lives of Lake City students. We are honored to be in support of such a dedicated community of learners. A+ Olympic Hills!

Principal Helen Joung leads a great team of educators
Principal Helen Joung leads a great team of educators