Bird is the word and ‘thanks!’

Each Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, the residents of Maple Leaf SHARE shelter need a place to be safe and warm.  Most government buildings and public space opportunities are not available.  This year is no different.  Not only does MC2 provide a full holiday meal but the week prior also has a Community Shelter Meal that celebrates the season. Northeast Seattle residents come in at that time and put together a healthy vegetarian meal (with dessert).

So, when the alarm clock goes off at the SHARE shelter, residents hit the snooze and roll over.  With a full kitchen and hygiene center at the Maple Leaf Lutheran Church, residents can enjoy the holiday and not have to leave the shelter. It also gives residents down time to shower and nap and not maintain the transitory nature of their daily lives.

Over the years, church members and community have come to appreciate the opportunity to connect, support and visit with residents.  A Christmas morning breakfast for the residents is also part of the tradition.  For a couple days, everyone gets to slow down, engage and appreciate each other.

Residents of the SHARE shelter in Meadowbrook unload all the fixins'.
Residents of the SHARE shelter in Meadowbrook unload all the fixins’.