Waldorf student from Meadowbrook

Seattle Waldorf School is in the same neighborhood as the Maple Leaf SHARE shelter.  Located at the Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in Meadowbrook, the opportunity for students to support and experience engagement at the shelter has happened this month in May. With fellow students and parents, they reached out for the opportunity.  It is a ‘first’ for the students but its hoped that more opportunities will be realized. Providing the fixin’s and using the church kitchen was a success. With Chili and a hearty salad on the menu, the sights and smells filled up the Community Hall of the Church.

Usually the shelter is open at 9pm but when volunteers step up, residents are able to get off the street early and bring some normalcy to their busy days. Arriving near dinner time brings an opportunity for residents to get an early start to their next day.  We appreciate our neighbors at Waldorf and thank Johann and his family and friends for taking the time and giving the resources to the residents of Maple Leaf SHARE Shelter.

Students and parents happy to support residents
Never to young to learn kitchen support and shelter support
Stirring the pot and prepping the veggies.