Students CARE at MCGO

Since 2005 Seattle Pacific University’s Cityquest program has visited MCGO. Sending freshmen class to the site has been a much needed ongoing boost for MCGO. In the beginning years, creek cleanup and blackberry removal were the tasks at hand. For the last 12 years the focus has been at the Community Garden and upkeep in the Orchard. As parts of the Orchard are upgraded and improvement of the existing trail system is added to the to-do list, the service commitment has been a very important part of the yearly upkeep.

When the math is computed, students initially a part of the effort are now approaching their 30’s. The yearly SPU commitment to Meadowbrook has made a difference; imagine no ‘Cityquest’ and the presentation around sustainability would be a discussion on Seattle Park neglect and lack of resources. Falcon force in our community with high-flying results, is the message of today.

Edible Hedge gets a bit of a remodel
Orchard Steward John S. provides a brief history of the Orchard site
SPU Falcons pose for volunteer day at MCGO
Students get their directions from Orchard Stewards