Trail Work Completed at Orchard

January 2018 presented a project long in need and in the making. MCGO’s North Orchard has a newly refurbished trail that escorts students, runners, and community center guests safely across the Meadowbrook Creeklet. A long overdue ‘safe entry’ to the orchard was also completed in this month. It is an entrance off NE 105th and into the Orchard. Although there are other pedestrian needs at the site, it does match a continuing need and development for safe and dedicated passage through the Meadowbrook community. Additionally, this month Jane Addams Middle School (JAMS), stakeholders met to offer input on the proposed 1 mile circular path around the school property.

Having multiple safe avenues for movement around Meadowbrook gives community space and convenience in their many opportunities to get out and move.  Add the Nathan Hale HS track and these outdoor spaces create opportunity to exercise, create community and rely on safe passage. Growing fruits and vegetables compliments healthy exercise and relaxation. Check out Meadowbrook; open spaces and healthy places to enjoy the great outdoors.

View from NE 105th
Looking up from Edible Hedge at MCGO
Laying of spall rock for a solid foundation
Seattle Trails from Seattle Parks Finish Up