Hearts and minds…

The Lake City After School Program at Olympic Hills Elementary operates on Monday and Tuesdays during the school year. Teachers identify students English Language needs and connect with parents around the one-on-one tutor experience at the school. There are other opportunities (basketball, chess, drama as examples) for those two days. Its a busy place with many supporting the enrichment experience.

On this February day, students were aware and interested in the idea of Valentines Day. The concept of CARE, kindness and sweets are familiar and the ‘sweet tooth’ was not lost on them this day.  With a break time built in to the tutor experience, students are engaged in the holiday and the tutors take time to share on the ‘cards and gifts’ idea around of the February holiday.

With this newly built school (2017!) now in its first full year, the future is not only bright but the numbers will increase to full capacity in the coming years.  We ‘love’ the opportunity this brings but the school needs ongoing Lake City support.  With more students and need, this community is reaching out to the Lake City district and beyond to build strong scholars for tomorrow. The kids call it ‘Tutoring with Ms. Sue’ but there is a community of advocates with their are ‘hearts and minds’ engaged in equal access to after school care.

5th graders like the taste of this holiday!
3rd graders ‘see’ the treats of Valentines Day
Ms. Sue leads the effort…