Seattle City Council Minus 7

With looming budget cuts to the City of Seattle’s SHARE shelter system, Urban Rest Stops (dedicated hygiene, laundry and mail srvs), Catholic Community Srvs and Women’s Health programming, a Council meeting was held to intake what the cuts would mean. Picture a City of Seattle Council Hall FULL of citizens impacted, demanding their voice be heard.

Councilperson Sawant and Councilperson Herbold were¬†the only two members to show up. Ms. Sawant leads the Human Services, Equitable Development and Renters Rights Committee. With a ‘no show’ by the rest of the Council, it begs the question, ‘what are they (Council) afraid of?

Socialism? Low Income folks? Women? With the ‘metoo’ movement on full display and daily assaults on the social fabric of urban America by the present Republican administration, it is cause to wonder where in the world is our district representation? Don’t agree with Shelters, Urban Rest Stops or Women’s Health service? Show up, engage the citizenry. The only place in the City of Seattle that those with less have a place to speak is where Council people are suppose to listen and do their job. King5 reporters were there to report but the message of ‘no show’ is the real headline. More than ‘sad’.

Councilperson Herbold (left) and Councilperson Sawant (middle)