Cafe Javasti SHARES a meal with residents

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Cafe Javasti operates two cafes in the north end of Seattle. One on 5th Ave (Maple Leaf) and the other, on 35th in Wedgwood. Each has their own distinctive ambiance and both are active in giving back to the community. Co-owners are committed to the communities they serve and it showed, earlier this month of April. Ryan and co-owner Scott have a ‘education’ focus in their corporate outreach. So supporting and engaging the community around the challenges of homelessness are good examples of walking the walk. The meal involved some sit-down time with residents and shared conversation which helps relieve some of the public ire that residents can experience. It also witnesses to all of the collective need to support solutions to fight homelessness.

Over the many years, church members, Sustainable NE Seattle, service groups such as Girl Scouts, Campfire Group, Nathan Hale H.S. and Waldorf students have stepped up and engaged in the process. Most often the calendar for that meal allows for earlier shelter entry which also benefits the shelter resident and their much burdened schedule (compartmental services, as an example).

Efforts like this increase the likelihood that more of Seattle can experience a side of homelessness not always readily apparent.  Ryan and Scott’s Corporate Kitchen (Little Kitchen) also donated lunch meals for the next day to the residents. A hefty commitment like this reveals care and commitment to the struggle folks without a home experience every day. Thanks Cafe Javasti, the residents appreciate this intentional gesture of support and so do we.

Cafe Javasti’s Corporate Kitchen (Little Kitchen) also made bag lunches
for the residents
A big meal with a delicious Red Velvet cake for dessert; Big Thanks to the Little Kitchen on Lake City Way
Heather and Nicole, along with Cafe Javasti co-owner Ryan scheduled a Shelter Meal for the SHARE residents