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After a contentious arrival of Tent City 3 to the Meadowbrook neighborhood in 2007, a group of community neighbors volunteered to cook a meal for the arriving TC 3 guests. The volunteers also signed up to provide a meal for the 20 indoor shelter residents at the same church site, as well. Ever had guests over for dinner at your house? The additional effort is more than ones average dinner plans in their own home. What started out as a once a month for three months commitment has blossomed.

Even when shelter doors were closed for funding challenges, neighbors came together to make and deliver pizzas’. As shelter residents came together to stay safe at the King County building, hot and  home made pizzas were delivered in support of the residents funding demise. Once funding was restored, so was the meal schedule at the Meadowbrook church. With what is now a  monthly commitment, others in the community also have requested calendar dates.  Willamette University, Girl Scouts, Waldorf School, the Campfire program, Maple Leaf Lutheran Church, and most recently, Cafe Javasti (Little Kitchen) all realize what the opportunity means for residents and community.

There are two Community Shelter Meal planners, Deb and Lee (a MC2 Board member) that keep the monthly community volunteers plugged in. Their contributions also inspire others to be engaged and supportive to those without a home. Table clothes, real plates and utensils, a yummy dessert and it really does give one a sense of home. CARE to share? Want to drop off a meal for 20? Reach out and let us know… its simple and it makes an impact.


Meal prep is also learning time
Waldorf students and family take a break from meal prep
Steve L, Lee L and Deb F enjoy the community shelter meal time…
Shelter capacity is 20 coed residents per night, year-round 365
days a year since 1996
Children share meal with residents; a brief ‘conversation’ game to break the ‘ice’
Campfire kids pose after meal prep