Superman in the Phone Booth

Anyone remember the phone booth? With the advent of the cell phone and its immersion into all our daily lives, some might not know what a phone booth is? One of the most memorable phone booth stories for some is its use in the old ‘Superman’ storylines. Jump in ‘Clark Kent-Crime Reporter’, pop out as a ‘caped crusader’.

Well, minus the cape (and the phone booth, actually), you  must know about Meadowbrook’s own Super Hero. Meet Dan Keefe. A community service gift to our Lake City District here in NE Seattle.

Lets list this ‘man of steel’s’ engaging commitments:

  • Past president and current Board member of the Meadowbrook Community Council
  • Meadowbrook Community Gardens and Orchards steward/Boss MCGO Composter, Orchard steward
  • Secretary of the Meadowbrook Advisory Council at the Meadowbrook Community Center
  • Active in the advocacy of street/intersection and sidewalk/safety upgrades in the Lake City District
  • Advocate / member Thornton Creek Alliance

So, next time you look up in the sky (or at the Orchard, or Community Center or Compost Pile) and you see this kind and engaging Gent, say hello and give a wave of ‘thanks’.

(Right) MCGO plants camas bulbs at Orchard
(Left) Helping install bamboo poles for garden support
(Right) planting pollinators at the Edible Hedge
Managing blueberries (Lucky!)
Ruler of the MCGO Compost ‘Nation’
Second left, ‘boys in the brook’
He is the Elderberry King at the Orchard
(Left) Dan helping with the yearly Meadowbrook Bake Sale