Pastor Julie shares shelter meal…

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Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in NE Seattle’s Meadowbrook neighborhood has hosted a 20 resident coed shelter since 1996. With expanded resources (showers, TV, storage, quiet room and shelter kitchen) the ‘welcoming’ spirit is evident as one walks the Community Hall. SHARE staff recently added case management (2017) with the goal of identifying needs not always realized in initial screening of residents.

Community shelter meals have been filling up the shelter calendar, so Pastor Julie Blum jumped in and hosted a weekday dinner with pizza and salad. Having a ‘sit-down’ with the residents was as normal as any. With the Pastor’s daughter and the local dog ‘Dewey’ in the mix, it felt like any meal at home.

The goal of welcoming and supporting those in transition is a long-held culture of CARE, both for church members and community in the Meadowbrook neighborhood. Lake City’s local pizza place, Papa Murphy’s Take n Bake also has been supportive of the community effort. Thank you Ben at Papa Murphy’s and Pastor Julie at Maple Leaf.

Pastor Julie (right) and residents gather after pizza fest
Pastor Julie and daughter prep big salads and Papa Murphys Pizzas
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