Real Live presented

Homelessness is a topic of conversation and a dilemma most see as a huge challenge. In
the abstract, many avenues of choice might be a solution. Whether a drive through
downtown or a visit to the park, the reality of our collective housing options remain
topic of conversation with clear choices but not necessarily based in on-the-ground

Local Seattle water-color artist Keith Artz has created a ‘Homelessness’ series that
challenges ‘viewers to look at their homeless brothers and sisters and their issues’. Having
lived in Seattle for over 40 years, this Wedgwood resident has gravitated from ‘pretty
things, still lifes, flowers and idyllic landscapes’ to a different, ‘in-your-face’, ‘these are
our neighbors’ works of art.

The Homelessness Series by Keith Artz will be on display this coming Fall 2018 at
Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in Meadowbrook. A fundraising opportunity to benefit
those experiencing homelessness will also kick off the installation. The presentation
and life size aspects draw the viewer in and present these actual victims of less affordable
housing in their challenging environment. Campers, street-life and shelter are resources
but are they resources of the many or the few? People want their dollars to work but
without the human touch or interaction (counseling, community engagement, etc)?

The Art Series are presented here, in miniature. Details for the coming Fall 2018
installation are in the works. Stay tuned and ‘thanks’ Keith for sharing.