Meadowbrook Mermaids

The Meadowbrook Community Center and its affiliated Meadowbrook Pool have a great outreach history. With an active Advisory Board, many other Community Centers have benefited from Meadowbrook’s past budget surplus and relied on a like minded partner.

The Pool has a proud history too, with the annual January Polar Bear Plunge, supporting a Muslim Women’s Swim Time and offering showers to the Tent City 3 at nearby local Meadowbrook church. Now we have a little different and unique opportunity.

Enter ‘flippers’ and mermaid suits to engage and promote swimming with a flair (and a fin!). Coordinator Janet Wilson offers suits of many sizes with the goal offering adult fun swim time. The movement, color and fun are offered as an alternative to a ‘swim noodle’ or ‘slide-rope’ opportunity.

Pool employee J’Anna Chilcoat (pictured) helped lead the fun; she is the ‘fish in the pond’ on this day. The swim movement with the suit is ‘fish-like’ and does offer the use of different muscles. Seems like something everyone should try once, at least.

Good work Meadowbrook Pool.