Sights and Tastes of Lake City…

Dedicated seating, classes on food preparation (Kombucha), live music and yummy tastes and sites of delicious local foods are what you get on Thursdays in Lake City. With a changing and evolving community, the look and feel of this local Farmers Market is one of a natural and welcoming place to spend a Thursday afternoon.

Molly and the Farmers Market folks have done a great job of making this site a positive and sustainable business model. Relax on the quaint hillside,┬ámake a list of stuff to bring home because the selection and display is all good. With a small park, a library and a recently upgraded Community Center now offer citizens the ‘full meal deal’.

Diversity of offerings match the diversity of the community. Engaging and celebrating what this Farmers Market has become is an easy haul. One can see the simple celebration of urban life as you approach from the north. A yoga shop and cared-for street median, with wildflowers, as they welcome you to the Farmers Market. Add the colorful and expressive mural art around the LC District and you know you’re home. Great to be in Lake City!

A lot of yummy seasonal fruit to like at the Market
A simple stroll to the Market
Offering colors to Lake City
Drop in class on the making of Kombucha
A walk from the north to the Market
Enjoying the experience overlooking the Farmers Market
My wife loved these beautiful flowers….
Center for Urban Horticulture says ‘Hello’