Falcons CARE

It’s another CityQuest September and the good fortune of Meadowbrook Community Gardens and Orchards (MCGO) site welcomed freshman students from Seattle Pacific University.  We always prepare for a big turnout but this year, numbers were low.  Given the work for the day (East Orchard), it seemed like a tall task.

Wrong! Not only did the group deliver, their service was infectious. An invited high school student walking by, jumped in and added more muscle to the day. A tour to the Community Garden allowed for their lunch time.

A brief history of the site (former Golf Course, diary farm and first nation trail) is always shared, along with the good work of the many partners of MC2. Supporting, educating and engaging…check out this freshman CLASS!

Working together,
Goal is complete, good job Falcons.
Emptying out East Orchard Mulch Dump
Morning Glory rolled out of there!