Show and Tell….

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The art presentation, ‘Homelessness: Disgrace of a Wealthy Nation’ was held this past week and the turnout was a good one. ┬áThe issue of homelessness is everywhere in our daily lives and this effort staged at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church shares with us the poignant highlights of Keith Artz’s multi-medium presentation.

A free-will donation was asked of visitors, as the work was memorialized for Mr. Artz’s wife, Karen who passed away in July 2018. The church shelter’s 22 year effort was a big part of his inspiration, as his partner embraced the effort to help those who struggle with homelessness. His work matches her advocacy; since 1996, the church and its members believe that no one should have to live or sleep outside in the wealthy City of Seattle. The donations will go to further improve the shelter facilities and operations.

With his daughter by his side, Mr. Artz welcomed visitors and shared with them the intricacies of the ‘Homelessness: Disgrace of a Wealthy Nation’ many different pieces of art. Highlights include the ‘Eyes’ exhibit; a trash can (with a view from the bottom!), a multi portrait display with ‘pieced’ watercolor and a Motor Home display (to boot). The compilation of art has also shown at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Seattle.

Show and tell…

the intricacies’ of watercolor
daughter and artist celebrate
artist share with MC2 President Eli Patten
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