Sundays in the Park…

Meadowbrook Park is home to the Meadowbrook Community Gardens and Orchards (MCGO). The multi acre site is neighbor to four different schools and creates opportunity to build on educating us all on best practices and local food security issues.

For eight (+) years, local stewards have tended to both the community garden and the large acreage of orchards. Meeting new partners, sharing a meal and working to support local food banks are the results.  MC2 also invites and works with outside groups to come to Meadowbrook and keep the place green and productive.

On this day (pictured) a cozy and productive time was had by all. With lead stewards away on vacation, the group has kept up the work and harvest at MCGO. Each week planting, weeding and harvesting happen. Supporting an ongoing effort over many years is a positive for the community.  And, of course, there is the pot luck. Thanks to MCGO; we appreciate the commitment and care.

after labor, rest and restore
a beautiful October day