MCGO Mural at the Pool…

MC2 is happy to announce we too have caught the ‘mural town’ fever. Maybe contagious (probably and for sure), but our lake city youth effort has come to Meadowbrook. MCGO is one of the beneficiaries of this community buzz.

Janet Wilson, Pool Coordinator at Meadowbrook invited artist Andrew Miller to cast a vision. Much graffiti has plagued this Community Center and in the future, this can create a positive vibe all around. Youth and Artist are also sharing their talents at 95th and Lake City Way (find the dragon fly?) and also on 98th and Lake City Way.

There is much more to do and there is also a completed effort to acknowledge our neighborly Thornton Creek and Pond, also a part of the Meadowbrook ‘Wild’. Shown here is a stylized Fig Orchard and Community Garden. Check it out; Lake City District is Mural Town.

Pool Board sharing the news…
Pool Board sharing the project plans
Final effort by the Lake City Youth
East facing mural rough draft at Meadowbrook Pool