Season Up in the Air…

As Winter Break arrives, tutors and students closed out the 2018 school year with a party of balloon volleyball (a big hit!) and sweet holiday bags. Director Ms. Kaela put down the tape lines and filled up ballons for a
memorable day.

Winter festive pencils, candy rings you wear (!), snow man chocolates and stickers that represent the many different states of the USA were in the snow man bags. Joy in the childrens faces and also tutors cheering on along the sidelines. FUN!

The goal is simple. Support the children, educate the children and engage the community on the importance of CARE. Tutoring is often an expense born by families hopeful for their children. At Olympic Hills, the cost and opportunity is a challenge we happily accept. The frosty days will soon bloom to Spring and we will be there, enjoying the ride.

See you in the new year!

Miss Kaela enforces the balloon volleyball rules…
After tutor session and serious fun, students receive yummy holiday bags
Intense FUN!