Legends, Law and Hellbent CARE…

For several years now a group of Seahawk fans/ Lake City friends have organized and celebrated holiday CARE for their community of kids in need. ‘Berto, Stryder and Hellbent owner Randy all put their goodness where their hearts are for this yearly ‘toys for local kids’ effort.

As MC2’s Lake City Holiday Project works for a growing community of families in need, the timing of their CARE is fortuitous and heartwarming. With high housing costs and stagnant wages nipping at the heals of those in need, the Sunday Seahawk fundraising event focused on the good that can come from giving with abundance in my mind. Good pizza also helped the celebration along nicely.

Hellbent Brewery in Lake City has hosted the event for 5 years and Emerald City Law and Lake City Legends organize the ‘invite’ list to make for a festive time. Seahawks took it on the chin on this day but the good fan vibe stretched out another year of support. We appreciate the partnership and goodness that comes with Legends, Law and Hellbent CARE.