Microsoft at MCGO…

Back in 2015 the United Way’s Day of Caring annual event welcomed Microsoft employees to MCGO. Getting out of the office and into the fresh air made for a fun day and getting much accomplished. Its 2019 and we welcome them back!

The yearly Day of Caring event happens all over the City of Seattle. It also helps get Meadowbrook Community Gardens and Orchards (MCGO) prepared for winter. Mulching and weed removal is always the biggest challenge. It also helps keep moisture down and focus on the growing and access of healthy fruit.

The all volunteer effort at MCGO first began back in 2011; at that time a community garden was added to the existing orchard. At present, all planting, harvesting and care happen because of a committed community. Whether its schools, corporations or civic groups, the 7 acre site now produces year in, year out.

Portions of all harvest are donated to the local food bank. We look forward to more fun time with the good people at Microsoft. Check out their past effort here and at