Thursday Market in the Park…

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Sights, sounds and smells…the Lake City Farmers Market has flourished over the years. 2019 is no different. It would be great to experience this on more than one day a week but we are thankful for what this community jewel does offer.

With a park and library neighboring this fun event, there’s much to experience. On this particular day, ‘friends of Seattle Library’ were offering free books for one and all. There’s also a multitude of seating options, many are grabbing their favorite foods and enjoying the moment.

The ‘experience’ comes with ‘color’, ‘aroma’ and lots of flav. Whatever appeals to your taste buds, it’s there. Also, choose to fill your space with beautifully arranged bouquets, right before your eyes; its all good.

Another pleasant offering was ‘feathered serpent’ art installation. Presented near the Community Center as an Aztec God, the art work was put together by two artists (Angie Hinojos Yusuf and Carlos Jimenez). Not only that, but the artists had a community component, inviting community members to help paint ‘Quetzalcoatl’.  The art work pops!

Sights, sounds and smells; a fun day at the Thursday Market. October 3rd the last day, check it out. (Visit and check out more ‘Meadowbrook LOOK blog’ for Lake City District Happenings…